• Exclusive Contact Energy Abseilers since 2005
  • Associated to Nevis Bluff operations as contractor and sub-contractor for 10 years
  • Hired by Queenstown Lakes District Council QLDC for local roads safety and stabilization as contractor
  • Downer, Fulton Hogan, Tonkin & Taylor, Geosolve, Opus… have regularly trusted our services as contractors and sub-contractors.

Click here to read all our achievements since May 2005.

2015: Our biggest work and best reference

$450,000.00 work at the Frances Hodgkins retirement centre, South Dunedin:

  • 3,000 square meters of Maccaferri mesh installed in vertical slopes and overhangs
  • 160 anchors
  • 150 meters of neighbouring fences dismantled and rebuilt further back

On that technical job with the backup of Geosolve Dunedin, we have also been in charge of all design, sorting problems on the go which has permitted us to offer our client Ryman Healthcare their best cost effective work so far.

2014 : Trees

Trimming old cedar hedge above cliff, tree felling above buildings

2012-3: Bridge Works

Bungy Bridge, Dansey Pass, Oamaru: Beam replacement and installation, water blasting

2012 : Slope stabilisation on private land

  • 18m hand-drilled vertically on the ground in solid hard rock in one day on farm land
  • 1 retaining wall re-mediation with 4 X6m RB25 installation in very narrow space
  • 4 X6m soil anchors under a dwelling at Port Chalmers in established garden

April – June 2012 : Drilling in Christchurch

6m anchors installation at McCormick bay, also Charteris Bay

June 2011 : Scaling at Treble Cone

Before the opening of the road to the ski resort, we have scaled what could potentially fall. It took more than two days work to unearth this overhanging rock, then…

May 2011 : Scaling on SH8 between Cromwell and Clyde

April 2011 : Scaling and bolting on construction site

Introducing Roman, 21, helping Dad on a quick week-end job in Queenstown.

July-August 2010 : Narrows & Glenorchy bolting

After an impressive rockfall on the Queenstown-Glenorchy road, we come in emergency to scale and bolt. The site is scenic but has a very difficult access! We have to work under a huge overhang, quite interesting!

June 2010 : Scaling on SH 6 and opposite Bungy Bridge

Inspection with Opus engineer by Kawarau bridge

November 2009 : New Mesh at Frances Hodgkins

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

June 2009 : Wharf mesh reinstatement near Makarora

Contracting: Works
Consultant: Opus International

During last June heavy rains, a landslide occurred under an existing mesh protection and reduced traffic on SH6 to one line.  Works managed to scale what was caught under the mesh with a digger.


We were called to repair the mesh system. After having rebuilt the top cables system, we simply replaced 5 layers of Maccaferri mesh and stapled the whole lot again. Job done in 3 days by two of us !

Top finished


February-April 2009 : Nevis Bluff

Subcontracting: Fulton-Hogan
Consultant: Opus International

Building access and safety, Site inspections, 1500 m3 rock removal
Total drilled in 90mm diameter: 4 anchors 8-9 meters deep + 4 anchors 6m deep

Inserting a 6m RB32 ready to grout rock-bolt (c) DAS
December 2008 : Queenstown Hirequip

Vegetation clearing, rocks scaling,  light rock bolting: 4 meter hand drilled rock bolts

Vegetation clearing & rocks scaling (c) DAS

December 2008: Dunedin

Frances Hodgkins retirement centre back cliff

2 rock restraints

Grouting a temporary rock restraint (c) DAS
Grouting a temporary rock restraint (c) DAS

November 2008: Dunedin

Private property, 12 Rock bolts on back cliff

During the Drilling (c) DAS
Grouting set up on top (c) DAS

Dunedin : Church of JC

Landslide scaling & slope cleaning

BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

JC church on arrival after landlide (c) DAS jc-after-crop1

June 2008 : SH6 rock bolting

Contractor: Downer EDI Works

Drilling 4m deep with integral steel near Makarora

May 2008 : Wanaka west station road (private)

Contractor: Tonkin & Taylor. Slope stabilisation

May 2008 : Nevis Bluff

Contractor : Opus. 6 test holes 7m-10 deep

January 2008 : Kawarau Bridge

Contractor: Mc Millan, drilling 28m deep for upgrade

Oct-Nov 2007 : St Clair Dunedin

Frances Hodgkins retirement centre and JC Church, 3,000 square meter cliff vegetation removal, rock scaling  & spraying


March-April 2007 : Noumea, New Caledonia

Contractor: Fondacal

Drilling 75 bolts 6m deep in hard clay to anchor a mesh supporting shortcrete. Urban area.

Drilling 6m in hard clay to anchor mesh supporting shortcrete (c) das

October- December 2006: Nevis Bluff

Contractor: Works

Hand drilling blast holes & scaling +Rock-bolting + rock removal

September 2006: Queenstown

Client: Fulton Hogan

Drilling 20  102 mm diameter Micropiles, 9 meter deep, on Main Street Parking project

Quenstown Main Street Parking (c) DAS On Queenstown main street parking building site (c) DAS

April 2006 : Queenstown

Alpine village & Commonage Close, Drilling anchorages

March 2006: Nevis Bluff

Contractors: Works & Opus

Scale bolting and test hole 70m high, 11 RB32 drilled, installed, grouted, tested, mesh installed

Investing the place (c)DAS Bolting a scale 80m above the highway (c) DAS

March 2006 : Kawarau Gorge

Contractor: Fulton Hogan, Slope stabilizing at Gentle Annie Bridge

November 2005: Manapouri Power Station

Contractor: Abseil Access, Penstock core sampling & scaling

Since 2005 : Roxburgh and Clyde Power Station

Client : Contact Energy

Maintenance contract on penstocks and buildings: inspections, repairs, refixing flushing on wall, windows cleaning, painting


October 2005 : Fish River Bridge, near Haast

Bridge reinforcement, drilling 18×9m RB32 under the bridge

Fish River Bridge Completed (c) DAS

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