Abseiling or rope-access, also called industrial abseiling, is coming to its third decade of maturity. Once tolerated and strictly limited to exceptional circumstances, it is becoming more accepted and practiced when working at more than 3 meters high and on a slope steeper than a ratio of 1 horizontal to 2 vertical. Indeed, it is proven to be the safest and most cost effective solution in many situations.

At DAS, we are proud to provide 20 years experience in building maintenance (painting, cleaning, repairing..), inspection, scaling, hand-drilling, drilling, sand-blasting, vegetation and tree control …

Painting around workshop windows, Clyde power station (c) DAS

We work on slopes, cliffs, buildings, trees, bridges and dams. We can also work on pylons, silos, wind-turbines, boats…

We design safe systems for any kind of job requiring industrial rope-access solutions.

Please contact us for any inquiry or leave a comment below  😉

Drilling & Abseil Services Ltd
57 Kennedy Crescent, Wanaka, NZ

Ph : (+64) 03 443 1385
Cel : (+64) 021 115 4096


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