Safety is the core of our job

Long before the H&S safety regulations and well beyond their requirement, safety is embedded in our job because our life directly depends on it.


Abseilers, at Drilling & Abseil Services Ltd, use two ropes:
– One is a strong background in recreational outdoors involving ropes: alpinism, climbing, caving,
– Second is a good knowledge and use of industrial abseil standards. canyoning…

All staff is trained and qualified… Click here to open the DAS Code of practice.

Hazard Assessment

Click here to open the Site Hazard Assessment Sheet and here for the Start Up Checklist.

Insurance, OSH Policy and Safety

Hazards assessments, remedies & rescue plans are considered as a part of the work itself at Drilling & Abseil Services, whatever external pressure could be. We have regular meetings with OSH and make sure any notifiable work gets notified in due time.

We’re insured under NZI policy reference No “70-6769460” BPK to protect our clients’ integrity or assets.

All the works have been accomplished with no accident, and no ACC claim to this date.

Please contact us for any inquiry or leave a comment below 😉

Drilling & Abseil Services Ltd
57 Kennedy Crescent, Wanaka, NZ

Ph : (+64) 03 443 1385
Cel : (+64) 021 115 4096


One thought on “Safety is the core of our job

  1. During my 20 years clambering around rocks and buildings, I was impressed with Alexis Poilverts safety first approach and pro active risk reducing control measures. Not only was DAS safe, but Alexis has a wealth of knowledge about geotechnical / abseiling works that sets him apart from the competition. With his and his teams unique way, the job gets done on time and with excellent results. Thankyou

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