We can drill for most purposes and situations, in any solid rock or softer grounds, in clays, fractured and weathered rock or unconsolidated soil formations.

Down hole hammers

Our light but powerful  wagon-drill mounted down hole hammers can drill 55, 64, 75, 90 or 100 mm diameter holes up to 15 meters in depth to fit bars from 25 mm to 40 mm.

Down hole hammers are the best way to trigger hard rock formations but have also proven to be the most effective way of drilling straight holes in fractured rock formations with best penetration rates and reduced risks of jamming. They are not very effective in clays; that is why we are also equipped with drag bits and own different size of DTH that we can combine to tackle changes in layers hardness.

Being able to be dismantled in parts and mostly stabilized by means of cable winches and bolted ratchets, our drilling plants are the most versatile drill rigs on the market. They are also the most cost effective and the less disruptive to the environment, unlike heavy drill rigs.

self-drilling-anchorSelf-drilling anchors

There are some cases where holes tend to collapse. That is why we are prepared to propose alternative solutions with our self-drilling anchors system. They are hollow bars with sacrificial drill bits that are directly drilled through softer grounds using grout as flush (or can be post grouted). This solution is technically demanding but allows us to drill any sort of ground while the open hole technique has to be pulled aside.

We own (in the light R25, R32, R38 ischebeck type range ) the most effective machine in New Zealand as it has been specially built for that use and reduces the risk of spills.


To install Reinforcing Bars in 16, 20, 25, 32 mm diameters, we drill holes up to 4m deep, using integral or extension rods drilling system at super cheap establishment costs.

Hand drilling remains the most cost-effective way to tackle small anchors; It is the best drilling school! The one we come from (on ropes). However, we reserve this option after test holes and depending on the number of holes to be drilled. Thus, we offer our clients, individual or big companies, the best cost effective solution that large drilling companies are not able to offer.

Think: mesh anchors, hand-rail, temporary protection fences…

Pneumatic or hydraulic?

Pneumatic gear is usually lighter and permits to drill 100 meters away from the compressor. Coming from the abseiling world and specialised in difficult access, we have always given preference to pneumatic drilling in the past.

We are able to align 2 fully equipped drill rigs of this type.

Hydraulic drilling is more energy efficient, twice more powerful and cheaper for our clients. Therefore we have invested in a 23 hp hydraulic power pack, light hydraulic rotation head and advance engine and command panel to fit.hydraulic-plant

With this equipment, we can consider:

  • exploration cores
  • casing
  • 20m deep holes
  • 150 mm diameter holes
  • any option to adapt our slide to your own Company digger or any form of hydraulic powered plant.

We have been part of New Zealand Drillers Federation Member from 2007 to 2011.